International Diva Dona Amelia cover of Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa – Scared to be Lonely.

International Diva Dona Amelia cover of Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa - Scared to be Lonely.A Powerful Cover Song By Dona Amelia

In the increasingly global world of electronic dance music, more and more countries are bringing forward new artists and new styles of music using advanced electronics and intended to be danced to feverishly to. As long as people can muster the energy to dance without reserve and artists are willing to put their hearts into energetic music, electronic dance music will continue to thrive. The genre of dance music predates modern electronics, growing from dance hall music of earlier days and eventually evolving into the swing music that began at the beginning of the twentieth century.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, electronic dance music had become firmly established as the main form of dance music in the new century. With new countries getting into the world of electronic dance music from Peru to Cote d’Ivoire to mainstay electronic dance music bastions such as the United States and Japan. The world of electronic dance music grows with every passing year, with new stars and new styles of dance.

One swiftly growing light in the world of electronic dance music is the star of Dona Amelia, standing among the hottest new electronic dance music singers from the Asia continent, a hotbed of electronic dance music creators and events. Dona Amelia is increasingly popular in the Asia world of electronic dance music and more and more frequently outside of Asia. With the rise of modern mass telecommunications allowing people from across the world to learn about new artists and music styles, Dona Amelia’s reputation is growing swiftly not only in Asia, but also across the globe, with newcomers to her music appearing in the most surprising places where dance events are ever hungry for the next big thing in dance music.

This is true whether it’s a zouglou event looking for something international spice up the party or a fierce rave in the United States looking for something exotic to make the night memorable. Additionally, millions of people across the globe have discovered Dona Amelia’s powerful voice and have taken to listening to her doing any activity calling for an energetic soundtrack, not just dancing but all running, working late, playing video games and losing themselves in daily life.

With her unique and powerful voice, Dona Amelia is becoming ever more popular on the Asian and with international electronic dance music scene. She has covered a number of songs already with electronic music backing, and a cover song by Dona Amelia is an easy way for a DJ to get their party kicked into a higher gear. Having covered a number of popular dance songs from recent and previous years, Dona Amelia’s body of work is definitely diverse inside of a specific genre.

This is an unusual trait for the typically heavily specialized world of electronic dance music, giving DJs and casual listeners a new set of options for enjoying her work. For those looking for something new in their electronic music, Dona Amelia is definite a rising star to check out.


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