Unlock Her Legs

Unlock Her LegsEffective Tips On Getting Out Of Friend Zone

There are many men and women that are in relationships with people that used to be their friends. They may have a significant other that they may currently be engaged to, a relationship that began with a simple friendship. There are also people that look at these relationships and wonder how this is possible. It is hard to determine what causes people to shift from being friends to being in a long-term and serious relationship. Here are a few tips that you can use if you are currently friends with someone that you would like to have something more with, but you can’t seem to make that transition.

What Is The Friend Zone?

The friend zone is simply a term that is used to describe people that are in a relationship that is defined by friendship. They are completely platonic, and the relationship seems to work because neither one of them has any physical or sexual interest in the other person. However, there are ways of upgrading this relationship, so to speak, into something that is much more physical. You may have been friends with someone for years that you would like to be in a serious relationship with. To break out of the friend zone, there are a few things that you will need to do in order to determine if this relationship is possible, and subsequently transition into a more physical and meaningful relationship.

How To Find Out If They Are Interested

The first thing that you should do is start to notice subtle cues that can indicate that the other person is into you. For example, if you are noticing that they are spending more time with you or that they are sitting closer to you than ever before, these are subtle hints that they might want to be a little more physical. To test the waters, you can offer to give this person a backrub. You might also ask them to go to coffee or a show. If they are not hesitant at all, and they actually rearrange their schedule for you, it is possible that they are also wanting something more.

How To Break Out Of The Friend Zone

The next stage of this process is to actually make a move. This should typically be done where the other person is the most comfortable. For example, if they invite you over to watch movies, or have dinner, you can look for these subtle signs that they want to be more physical. There are also other social cues that can be indicative of wanting more such as having conversations were both of you are staring at each other for hours. You may also notice that the conversation may shift toward relationships, or perhaps things they have done in relationships with other people. The more open they are with you, and the less hesitant they are to be with you, these are all signs that things are moving in the right direction. However, the only way that you will ever know if things are at that point is that you need to make a physical move such as giving them a kiss and see what happens.

If you have read all of the signs correctly, and you are quite sure that the other person is into you, you need to make this move out of the friend zone by doing something physical. Getting out of friend zone is a very frightening prospect because you stand to risk the friendship itself if you are wrong in your assessment. By looking for these social cues that have been presented, as well as the physical cues that will be readily apparent, you should have no problem getting out of friend zone by finally making your move. This will likely be the beginning of a much more serious relationship.



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