New App for Real Estate Contractors and Architects Makes Punch List Generation a Breeze

New App for Real Estate Contractors and Architects Makes Punch List Generation a BreezeLocation, (November 3, 2016) An app thats readily at hand can save many a hassle, and now its the turn of architects, developers and realtors to quickly identify and manage Punch list and snag items easily and seamlessly. Snag-App is intuitive and the simplest way to document and close all existing faults by creating a punch list on hand held devices. Currently available for iOS, Snag-App has been built by people with boots on the ground experience allowing them to deal with punch list issues that they come across on a daily basis.

Punch lists (also known as snag lists) are documents used during any project that define any work that is deficient or incorrect. So important is the management of these punch lists that payment to Contactors and completion of projects more often than not hinge upon their completion. Gone are the days when the compilation of punch lists was a time consuming process consisting of endless excel spreadsheets requiring time back at the office to download photos off your camera and then painstakingly drag and drop them into the spreadsheet and then having to describe not only the faulty item but also its location. This led the Snag-App team to design the exclusive app based on over two decades of experience. Snag-App is just the right piece of technology for engineers, assessors, contractors, landlords and home owners. Snag-App is visually appealing, intuitive and uses elegant icons displayed over layouts to indicate defects at various locations and the responsible parties. All pending work can be organized based on responsible parties and a PDF generated and sent directly from the device (no more Excel spread sheets).

The punch list app is simple, to the point, lightens workload, functions with real world conditions, very easy to operate and does not require the internet to function. The app was designed in partnership with experienced developers, and extensively tested with user feedback.

The final version of Snag-App cleared a tough test at the Mall of Africa conducted by EQF Tenant Coordinators. The Mall of Africa is the largest, single phase shopping mall in Africa located in Waterfall City, Gauteng, South Africa. The test comprised over 1,100 punch list inspections with no major failures, with the app taking only under 10 minutes on average from commencement of the Punch list to it being in the mail boxes of all of the parties involved.

The team behind Snag-App comprises designers and project managers engaged with the industry since 1994. While gaining experience from projects ranging from small house renovations to embassies, gas stations, retail outlets and mega malls, an in-house software development team worked on the app as a means to resolve the very real operational issues that they encountered on a daily basis. Future versions of Snag-App include an Android version, a live collaboration tool for large teams to work together in real time, desktop interface and a template generator which will be one of its kind in the real estate sector.


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